Data collection for walking, cycling and PT trip rates

NZTA Research Report 439:  Generation of walking, cycling and public transport trips: pilot study

This research, conducted by TDG, investigated a method for collecting data relating walk, cycle, and public transport trips to land-use activities.

A method needed to be developed that produced reliable and consistent results, but was succinct enough to ensure high sample rates.  The data collected could subsequently be used in calculating trip rates for walking, cycling and public transport trips, when combined with land-use units such as floor area.

Multi-modal trip data has been collected for some time in the UK. The survey method developed through this research was, however, simpler than the approach applied in the UK.  It involved interviewing in only one direction for the vast majority of land uses, apart from residential where the recommended method was to interview in both directions.

 A face-to-face questionnaire was developed following a series of site surveys in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch during 2010. The research also identified that collecting non-car trip information through purely observer methods was not sufficiently accurate and that simple questionnaire surveys were necessary.  The simple questionnaire did require clear instructions from the survey organiser to ensure all relevant information is collected.

See the link below for the full research report:

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